Friday, March 9, 2012

Cancer awareness ribbon colors

Pink ribbons represent breast cancer. Blue and pink represent inflammatory breast cancer. Orange ribbons are leukemia and kidney cancer. Teal ribbons represent ovarian cancer and other cancers for women exclusively. Gold ribbons represent cancer in children. Grey bands are of developing brain cancer. Periwinkle ribbons represent stomach cancer. Yellow ribbons are sky blue ribbons represent bone cancer prostate cancer. Jade ribbons make the liver cancer. Purple ribbons are pancreatic cancer. Silver bands are ovarian cancer, when taken in Australia. I had a Breast Cancer Awareness to wear badges themselves.
Cancer ribbon colors list:
All cancers: Lavender
Bladder cancer: Yellow
Brain cancer: Grey
Breast cancer: Pink
Carcinoid cancer: Black/White
Cervical cancer: Teal/White
Childhood cancer: Gold
Colon cancer: Dark Blue
Esophageal cancer: Periwinkle
Gallbladder Bile Duct cancer: Green
Gynecological Cancer: Lavender
Hodgkins Disease: Violet
Hospice Care: Burgundy
Head & Neck cancer: Burgundy/Ivory
Kidney cancer: Orange
Leiomysarcoma: Purple
Leukeima: Orange
Liver cancer: Emerald
Lung cancers: White
Lymphoma: Lime
Male Breast Cancer: ½ Blue and ½ Pink
Melanoma: Black
Mesothelioma: Royal Blue
Multiple Myeloma: Burgundy
Ovarian cancer:Teal
Pancreatic cancer: Purple
Prostate cancer: Light Blue
Retinoblastoma: White
Sarcoma/Bone cancer: Yellow
Stomach cancer: Periwinkle
Testicular cancer: Orchid
Thyroid cancer: Teal/Pink/Blue
Uterine cancer: Peach


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