Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cancer colors and meanings

What Are the Meanings of the Awareness Ribbon Color?

Cancer awareness ribbon colors
The Orange ribbon is the symbol for kidney cancer awareness. The orange ribbon is also a symbol of leukemia.ADHD and self injury awareness

A Gold ribbon signifies chilcftood cancer awareness and includes cancers such as the types of leukemia.

The Purple ribbon is awareness for Pancreatic cancer, Sarcoidosis, cystic fibrosis. Fibromyalgia, LUPUS, and alzheimers disease.

The Pink and Blue colored awareness ribbon Is associated with inflammatory breast cancer.

The Periwinkle ribbon color signifies stomach cancer awareness, pulmonary, hypertension, and eating disorders.

Violet ribbon is the sign for Hodgkin's Disease or Lymphoma a malignancy startingin ,he lymphatic tissues.

A The Pink ribbon denotes breast cancer awareness. A cancer formed in the tissues of the breast.

The Jade Ribbon awareness is for hepatitis B and liver cancer In Asia and Pacific communities.

The Blue awareness ribbon is a symbol for prostate cancer as well as Hydranencephaly and child abuse awareness.

The Silver awareness ribbon denotes ovarian cancer (Australia) which can take four different forms.

The Gray awareness ribbon is for brain cancer, asthma, and diabetes awareness.

The Teal Ribbon awareness stands for agoraphobia, anxiety disorders and ovarian cancer.

The Red Ribbon awareness ribbon was created by the New York Visual AIDS Artists Caucus in 1991

The Green Awareness ribbon is the symbol for organ transplantation and Lyme Disease

The Puzzle Awareness ribbon is for awareness of Autism, a development disorder with impaired social communication.

The White awareness ribbon stands for Multiple Hereditary Exostoses a rare condition when exostoses develop on bones.

The Blue Purple ribbon denotes childhood or pediatric stroke and rheumatoid arthritis awareness.

The Cloud Colored Ribbon denotes awareness for the childhood condition Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

The Pearl awareness ribbon is the color designated for lung cancer awareness.

The Yellow awareness ribbon denotes suicide awareness and Endometriosis Awareness.

Your missing alot of ribbons for cancer:all cancers=lavender, appendix cancer=amber, bladder cancer-marigold/blue/purple, brain cancer-grey, cervical cancer= teal/white, childhood cancer=gold, colon cancer=dk blue, esophageal cancer-periwinkle, gallbladder/bile duct cancer=kelley green, head/neck cancer=burgundy/ivory, kidney cancer=orange, leiomyoscarcoma=purple, leukimia=orange, liver cancer=emerald green, lymphoma=lime, melanoma=black, multi myeloma-burgundy, ovarian cancer=teal, prostate cancer= lt blue, pancreatic cancer=purple, sarcoma/bone cancer=yellow, stomach cancer= periwinkle, testicular cancer= orchid, thyroid cancer= teal/pink/blue, uterine cancer= peach, and honors to our caregivers= plum, if there is any other cancer out there I did not list I apologize, please research more ribbons so more people can be aware and give support for them as well.


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