Monday, February 13, 2012

Bladder cancer pictures

Bladder cancer symptoms, treatment
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Bladder cancer treatment

    Invasive and superficial cancer:
    Another term for cancer of the bladder is transitional cell carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma is cancer of the squamous cells.
    Glands secreting mucus in the bladder also can get affected by a particular cancer called adenocarcinoma.
    Transitional cell carcinoma
    One of the forms that are the most prevalent is the transitional cell carcinoma. Invasive cancer and superficial cancer are basically the two classifications of cancer of the bladder.
    Superficial bladder cancer
    Superficial bladder cancer affects the cells that line the bladder.
    Invasive bladder cancer
    In invasive bladder cancer the bladder's muscle layer gets affected when the cancer starts spreading. Different kinds of bladder cancer symptoms are produced.
There are many risk factors and causes for bladder cancer which produce varying bladder cancer symptoms. It is in people of the senior age groups that this cancer is generally seen and prominent in men generally as compared to women. White men are more affected by cancer of the bladder than the African American, Hispanics and Asians. Tobacco smoking or tobacco is termed as one of the main causes of bladder cancer.

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